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Due Diligence Training Bootcamp
Join us for the Due Diligence Bootcamp, held in a private classroom NYC, and taught by the world-renowned expert on Due Diligence, L. Burke Files. This class will help those new to Due Diligence become trained and ready to become effective members of their firm’s Due Diligence team.

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included in your tuition.

Also Available: Due Diligence Advanced Class

Due Diligence Master Class
We also offer an advanced Due Diligence Master Class to help professionals gain a deeper and more advanced understanding of Due Diligence.

Due Diligence Bootcamp Outline

The graduate of this class will be ready and able to function as a well-trained and valuable member of any due diligence team in any industry.

Define Due Diligence – clearly
Address due diligence as a process not a thing or event
Legal requirements for due diligence

The immediate value of this knowledge

Section One – Philosophy

Understanding the philosophy of making fully informed choices and understanding how we are mislead by other as well as ourselves is at the heart of effective due diligence

Choice Making
How we make choices
Why we make those choices
Why some make serial wrong choices
Ignoring the feedback
Heuristics and Biases

Economics of Virtue
Asking the right question
When the questions must be asked and answered
Addressing social graces
Lies, white gray and black
Aligning incentives
Importance of “Skin-In-The Game”

Reality of It All
Incentive to lie, cheat, steal, make and offering bribes
Conflicts – internal and external
The weight of dishonesty
Focusing energy toward productivity and good choice making

A graphic look at getting it wrong

Section Two – The Standard of Care

Everyone does it so why do I care?
The industry leaders are the leaders for a reason
Due diligence and risk management
Headlines of why it matters
How Enron, Rite-Aid and WorldCom could have been prevented

We must care?
Competitive reasons
Survival reasons
Litigation, regulatory fines, and jail

How to care
Checklists, CRM, Internal Audits, – sure, but that is not all
Feed forward control
Feed back controls
Barney Fyfe is correct
Many skill sets needed
Government, private enterprise, charitable all have approaches
Money, time, choice, reputation are scarce resources.
The tip line you can’t control

Section 3 – Where Due Diligence Can Thrive or Wither

The Environment for Due Diligence Professionals
Islands v Archipelago
Make Wrong and NIH
Curious George and the Man with the Yellow hat are good role models
Leave the desk behind

Section 4 – Due Diligence Assessments

Into And Out Of The Box
It is a process – Defining the box
Arrival to the box
Functions inside the box
Departure from the box
Looking for risks, supplier process, place, transit, customer…

Some Check Lists, No, no, no, – thought lists
Detailed Background Questionnaire
Detailed Company Questionnaire
Detailed Property Questionnaire
Objective and Subjective Factors

Case Studies With Check Lists
Real Estate Acquisition
Brush and Squire Car Wash
Acquisition of a Technology Company
Acquisition of a Research Company

Section 5 – Tool Kits

Where to find information
Reviewing On Line Free Resources
Reviewing Paid Resources
Assessing information’s limits and inaccuracies
Calling and interviewing people
Little though of indicators
Tests for employees
Leaving the desk behind

Section 6 – Setting Up Due Diligence Investigations
Common and repetitive
Regular and required
Unique events and transaction




Learn precisely what Due Diligence is, the basic techniques to conduct Due Diligence, and how to develop a useful implementation strategy.


Come explore the newest developments in Due Diligence tactics, methods, and cutting edge technology - and how you can best utilize Due Diligence in your firm.


Join your peers in this Due Diligence Master Class to discuss how Due Diligence is being addressed in each of your firms, discover new methods and ideas to implement Due Diligence.
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